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The Tramontana, called Cercium in the chronicles of the Roman historians, has always marked the character of the people and the wines of the Empordà. The wine CERCIUM comes from the vineyards of the Mas Llunes, cultivated in Garriguella in harsh and rough terrain and strongly influenced by this...

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Rhodes, the current Roses was founded in the VIII century BC by the ‘Rodios,’ and is the most ancient Greek colony in Catalunya, and most probably the Sierras Prelitorals of Rodes and the Albera form the most ancient wine growing landscape of the Iberian Peninsula. The rose viewed from below that...

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The grape is carefully selected and hand picked the moment of the grape harvest to obtain the ideal and homogeneous degree of ripeness. The grape juice marinates with the skins of the grape for ten hours at 7ºC and it is later drained by gravity and ferments for 21 days in stainless steel...

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Young white wine, moscatell 100%

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