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Showing 1-7 of 7 item(s)

Oriol Blanc

White Grenache 81% and Grey Grenache 19%

Price €6.95
+6un. 6,25€ (-10%)
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Negres dels Aspres

Aged in Allier oak barrels for a year and a half. At the end of this process is the blend of different varietas and bottled.

Price €16.20
+6un. 14,58€ (-10%)


Oriol is the only young wine from Vinyes dels Aspres. It is a young black but powerful.

Price €7.25
+6un. 6,53€ (-10%)


S'alou, red wine. The varieties Grenache and Carignan that will come up in the vineyard of the same name, the freehold.

Price €29.55
+6un. 26,59€ (-10%)

Blanc dels Aspres

White wine 9 months aging in French oak barrels "Allier".

Price €16.25
+6un. 14,62€ (-10%)